Friday, July 26, 2013

I'm Home :-)

Assalamualaikum wrm. wbt..

First post during Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah, Ramadhan Kareem is here again. What a blessed, Thank You Allah for this opportunity to celebrate Ramadhan again. I'm feel so grateful as this time is different as I'm celebrating it with my family. I still remember when i'm young i only looking forward to celebrate EID, more focus on the 'angpow' & new clothes & food too. But as we grow older we learned & upgrade ourselves to be a better muslimah. Alhamdulillah these days i'm enjoying having Ramadhan.

Owhh ya, fyi i'm at my hometown now. Hehe. That's why i haven't post anything in two weeks since i blogged about Sam's birthday celebration. Yeaahh, don't have much time for blogging. Busy at home looking after my younger brothers as my parents went to Kuala Lumpur & Jakarta for holiday, AGAIN! They just can't stop travelling & shopping u know. Huhu. Alhamdulillah, they're already home now. :-)

Well,since i back home earlier than what i'd planned before..much time  i'll spend at home with my family. Andd yeahhh.. just stay in my room all day! Hahaha. Mind you, I'm a person who  is very seldom going out of my room. I mean..I just  busy doing my own things. 24/7 in room;  facing my lappy,  get into internet connection,  watching dramas & movies, reading books, teaching my brothers & sometime i go downstairs enjoying myself singing at our home theater. But during this Ramadhan, i'm a bit busy helping my mum prepare all things for iftar. :-)

What a messy! Need to re-organise them~

It's my bedroom! Gotta clean out my wardrobe~

I tell u what, i just finished clean out my messy closet two days ago. I hate being messy but sometimes with all clothes, shoes, bags etc plus don't have time to clean them all, it becomes impossible. Seems like I don't know what to do during my holiday, i decided to have a walk-in-wardrobe. Plus I've brought  two big bags of clothes from KK which were locked up in my wardrobe there for so long. I've tried chucking them all but there is so much i want to keep. It really difficult. My shoes & bags are everywhere in my brother's apartment. So gotta bring them back to home too.

Hence I'm trying to clear my wardrobe here, so much stuff i've never worn. I started think i should get rid of them, anything that doesn't fit or don't like much anymore. It took two days for me to re-organise my stuff.  Btw..I've given a lot of my 'baju kurung' to my cousins and some of my shawl to Sam's niece. But still have much remain. So I just put'em into  bags. I cannot longer afford to waste my time or wardrobe space on salvageable.

Yeah there it goes. Little less messy than before. :-)

My clean bedroom. Aha! :-)

My shoes. Still got more& more than this but don't hv enough space for them.
Yeaahhh...I'm a very big fans of Carlo Rino & Sembonia! last I'm done cleaning my bedroom and re-organise all my stuff. Now i'm feeling so much better & so glad too coz i'm home. 

Till my next post ya! :-)


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