Friday, May 10, 2013

My Soul's Sincere Desire~

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

No words can describe how i'm feeling right now. Tossing & turning in bed does nothing to bring me sleep. I just keep thinking about Mecca since last night. Ya Allah, I really want to go to Mecca to see ur beatiful house, Kaabah, to see the Masjid, to smell the air, touch the ground, pray Salah, to recite Quran..How great to walk in there where our beloved Prophet (s.a.w), sahabahs (r.a) would have prayed, sat, did dhikr. Great feeling just even to think. May Allah grant us all the means & access to this beautiful Masjid.

Watching my siblings did Umrah makes me really want to. My father accompanied them to perform their umrahs last year (2012). It was his second umrah trip after had the first trip with my mother a week before accompanying them. How lucky they are for had the chance to experience umrah with family. To be honest, i was a lil bit sad cuz i can't join them together as i still busy with my study at that time. Plus, my dad asked me to perform Hajj first.. then going for umrah anytime. Hmmm, i can't wait to step foot there, REALLY!

And now, i really really wish i can perform Hajj this year. I tell u what, i've already registered for Hajj since 2009 with Tabung Haji. My parents planned to bring me & my grandma to perform Hajj together with them. But till now our name still not in the list for Hajj. Actually my mum & my dad already performed Hajj before they were married. Yeahh, since they were young. So, this is their second time for Hajj..In Syaa Allah..Wish we'll perform Hajj together. Wouldn't it wonderful..right? :)

We've been waiting almost 4 years for our turn to go. Mind you, the waiting list actually is not short. It can take more than 20 years for ur turn to arrive! But i believe that..our 'rezeki' is still not there yet and maybe He gives us much more time for preparing ourselves for the greatest journey in our lives. I really hope this year we will going for Hajj. May Allah make it easy, if not bearable for us, to prepare for it, and may He accept this as part of our effort in planning for Hajj, if in the end we didn't get to make it..

With that said, i urge my friends, to set aside some of ur money & save up for the fifth pillar of Islam. U have to perform ur ibadah while u're still able to do. Not when u're too old & too weak to do anything. If one day Allah ask us why didn't we go for Hajj when we had the time to do so, we can say that we have already registered & waiting for our turn to go, instead of having no reason at all for not going. We should embarrassed that we have the time, the money & luxury to go for holiday all over the world, but we didn't have time to go for Hajj. May Allah shower His mercy on us, and witness that we can, to perform the final pillars of Islam, that is to perform Hajj, In Syaa Allah Ta'ala.

Aamin..Aamin..Aaamin ya Rabbal'alamin

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