Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Wedding Inivitation Card │ The Gifts

I'm so happy right now. I tell u what, i just received my BFF's wedding invitation card yesterday! This is the first time i got wedding card with only my name. Aha! Words can not express how happy i am for her upcoming BIG day~

Perutusan Raja Sehari │24 Mac 2013

Yeahh, it's my full name on it :)

I kind of can't believe that she's the first will getting married among us. I thought she's not as she always keep telling us that she wants to build her career first & has a lot things to do. But who knows, it's in her fate to get married at age of 26. Yeahh, of corz i'm really happy for her.

Like i've mentioned before, she & I are like sisters. We share a lot of things from clothes to other things that I'd rather not mention here. As classmates in primary school & high school, we have both seen each other grow. We remains close friends even when distance & our life path tore us physically apart. And it's like a blink of eye..we're turned 26 yrs old & she will be getting married tomorrow. Wohooo~

Tonight is her 'Malam Berinai'. I ain't sure about the ceremony because it's not our tradition actually. I know there's a specific way of doing an ACTUAL 'malam berinai', but for our people, it's simply the night before the 'nikah' or solemnization, when the bride has had her fingers, palm & toes painted with henna or 'inai'. A night of fun, laughter & taking lots of pictures! Our people (Bajau) used to call it as 'Maglami-lami'. I don't know since when & why they changed the name to 'malam berinai'.

Btw, i wanna share u what gifts we (Syan & me) get on her wedding day. I've shared money with c Gula Hati to buy books for her & her husband-to-be. :) Well, books are the best gift..i guess :)

The Books~

Till my next post!

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