Sunday, August 4, 2013

Spring Cleaning Home~


I'm so busy cleaning our home lately as Eid Mubarak is just around the corner.  Preparation for this raya are now full swing :-) week before Raya are usually about chores, getting the house cleaned up, dust free, squeaky-clean windows, television & monitor screens & also the ceiling fans as well. I'll be very busy this whole weekend for next week's i'm taking the time to blog now before i completely go missing for a while..again & again. :-D

I tell u what..yesterday & today was such a hectic day for me. The whole day i did spring cleaning. Yeahh, spring cleaning. All ALONE! Huh!..I can't stop thinking how to get this house ready. Such a big house with many rooms & living w large kitchen & dining rooms. Ohh my. Yesterday i'm done cleaned up our living room on the ground floor & change the curtain. Carpets will be rolled out a day before raya. Today I made myself clean the dining room. Now my ribs feel so tired, weak & bruised..


Living room on the ground floor

The old curtains already took off.

My lil bro who volunteer to help me.. :-)

Captured by me from the ladder

New curtains are ready to be put up


T.A.D.A....The new curtains :)

Looks so beautiful..isn't it..

Shine bright like a diamond. Lol.

This is our living room..


The dining room

In progress...................

Ok well, aside busy cleaning home..I still had time to bake a Moist Chocolate Cake for Sam. Yeahhh, he just reached his home last night. So take a chance to meet him around 4 in evening. U know what, he bought me two Tudung Aidijuma & Bionic contact lens for Raya. So happy! Another thing he gimme is Ferrero Rocher. A bit surprise ya! Feel like he loves me too much! Thanks dear..

Aidijuma Garden & Aidijuma Kerawang :)

Those things he gave me. Thanks my Dear Sam.
Love u more!

Till my next post~


  1. salam. blogwalking here :) btw, slmt hari raya! :)

  2. cantik garden olive tu..sapa la nak letgo..susah sgt nak cari huhu

  3. klu nk letgo garden olive 2 watsap la sy.. 0146516857 :D

  4. da lama hunting ni sis... or send email kat sy yee

  5. hehehehe...sampai ke sini korang hunting Garden olive pink ;)


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