Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Alhamdulillah..I found U~



Ku bersyukur pada-Mu Tuhan
Yang telah menghadirkan dia padaku
Sungguh ku akur pada-Mu Tuhan
Yang mendatangkan makna dalam hidupku

Terima kasih pada-Mu Tuhan
Yang mendatangkan Aisyah

The above song & lyric has connection with my post. I'm listening to the song while i'm writing this post. Yeahh, it's one of my favourite song by Khir Rahman. Its lyric means a lot to me. Fall in love w this song after watching Balada Pencinta Movie.

Yeahh..i praise to Allah for sending u to me. My life has changes since i met u. Alhamdulillah. I feel blessed. And up until today, i always think that i'm dreaming. I didn't know what happened, but suddenly all i know is i'm not the person i used to be, i admit. A lot of things happened since i know u. It's true, nothing is impossible if Allah wills it for u. And i really hope Allah will always keep me on the right path. In shaa Allah.

Our prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) said, "The hearts of the children of Adam are all between two fingers of the Compassionate’s fingers like one heart, He directs it in any direction He wills"...

Now i'm starting a new chapter of my life. Everyday is my new chapter & i will face the day by filling it with good things that i can do to search "barakah Allah". I'll try my best to be a better muslimah because it's not fair for me to have a good man like u if i still like i was before w/out any improvement. I must put my love for Allah first before u because He's the one who sending u to me.

I believe w Allah's promise. A good man is for a good woman & a good woman is for a good man. Now, i see Allah's love & blessings clearer. Allah took away one love but blessed me w abundant including His love for me. He sent me wonderful brother like u who is with me from day one till today. U're the answer of my du'a. MashaAllah! I never regret for what i went thru all these time before coz if i didn't..i wud not become a woman like what i'am today. Thank You, Allah.

Till my next post~

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